Friend, I know you’ve been waiting for this wedding! You may remember Luke & Tiffany’s Connection session from quite some time ago, but I am so happy to be sharing their May wedding with you today!

Personally, one of the things I always appreciate in a wedding day, is when the couple incorporates touches that pay tribute to their heritage, and this was prominent in Luke & Tiffany’s special day – from the kilts being worn by the groom and his groomsmen to the decor touches, the traditions during the ceremony, it all just came together beautifully. And it is easy to look at a wedding day and appreciate the beauty, but what made it even more special was knowing the effort that was put into everything by the family & friends, from creating the bridesmaids’ dresses by Tiffany’s mom to the decor made by Luke’s mom and so much more.

The day itself was just the perfect winter day, with warm golden sunshine throughout the day, and luckily all the rain stayed away! As Tiffany was getting ready, the excitement almost became palpable in the room, with each element being added to her outfit, the closer the time came for her to say “I Do”. But as the time arrived, the nerves seemed to have melted away, and then it was Luke’s turn to feel the emotions as he saw his bride-to-be walk towards him in the chapel.

If I had to describe this day in one word, it would be “Joy”. It was just felt throughout every part of this special day, and the bride and groom felt it, the entourage, the families and friends felt it, and it just created just the most amazing celebration that lasted well into the night!

A special thanks to all the vendors:

2nd Photographer: RMSCaptured

Venue: Natte Valleij

Catering: Salt & Pepper Catering

Wedding Coordinator: Robyn Kotze

Videographer: Darron Donald

Hair & Make-up: Blush Makeup and Hair

Cake: Toni Kotze

DJ: Gerhard Meyer (Above & Beyond Weddings)

Dress: Maggie Sotero

Bagpiper: Michael Leighton

Wedding Officiant: Steven Levy

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