You may remember the giveaway that I hosted in February – what better way to celebrate the month of Love? Zaakirah was the lucky winner of this giveaway, and decided to use it as a Connection Session for her and her fiancé Ederies – when they had just gotten engaged the day before the shoot!

Zaakirah really wanted to have trees and green in her photos, and we were lucky enough to encounter Newlands Forest still giving us all the autumn vibes!

As we walked around the forest, Zaakirah told us about how the two of them met via social media, and what started as just chatting turned into friendship and ultimately grew into love. Ederies knew she was the one when Zaakirah showed up when he needed her and stayed throughout any challenges they faced, and I’m sure as they head into marriage, that this will remain unchanged.

As the shoot progressed, it was clear to see how much affection these two have for each other, and we wish them nothing but happiness as they start planning their happily ever after!

A big thanks to RMSCaptured for assisting with this shoot!

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