The Berries family visited Cape Town in December 2022 and together with the Hendricks family scheduled a photoshoot with me at the beautiful Majik Forest in Durbanville. Meyoka and Lexi were the stars of the shoot, with their parents Emile and Vanessa looking on with pride.

Majik Forest was the perfect location for this family photo shoot, with its lush greenery and beautiful trees. The Berries family looked stunning in their coordinated outfits, with Meyoka and Lexi stealing the show in their matching dresses.

The photoshoot was a delightful experience, with Meyoka and Lexi being a bundle of energy and excitement, eager to explore every inch of the forest. It was heartwarming to see the sisters bond as they played together and giggled, with Meyoka looking after her younger sister and ensuring she was always safe.

Emile and Vanessa were a joy to work with, radiating love and happiness throughout the shoot. Their love for each other was evident in every shot, and they were the perfect example of a loving and supportive couple.

As a family photographer, it’s always a pleasure to work with families like the Berries, who are full of life and love. The photos from the shoot captured the essence of the family’s connection and love for each other, and I was thrilled to deliver the final images to them.

The Berries family will have memories to cherish for a lifetime, and I feel grateful to have been a part of that special moment.

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