When the love stories talk about the love interests meeting in a shop or some other random place, this can sometimes sound too good to be true to us – as if it almost cannot be that simple. But the more I hear my clients’ love stories, the more I am starting to believe in this. Nomfanelo & Setshaba’s love story began, once upon a time, at a bus stop. They were both at university at the time, and while their opinions differ as to who had been watching who, it was when they were sitting in class and Setshaba overheard Nomfanelo speaking about their bus stop encounter, that the start of their love story had been put into motion.

Many years later, 2 kids, and many challenges that life has thrown at them overcome, these two will be tying the knot!

We met up at Big Bay Beach for their Connection Session, on what was the absolute perfect beach day. As their family does modeling from time to time, they had absolutely no qualms about being in front of the camera, but being able to just be themselves, to be the lovers and best friends that they are, was an enjoyable experience for them. Many laughs and kisses were shared, as well as some gasps as they braved the cold Atlantic ocean. And if this session is anything to go by, I’m sure that their wedding is going to be just as much fun!

A big thank you to RMSCaptured for assisting on this shoot!

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