It is not often that when I suggest a shoot time of 6 am, that people say yes! But Biance and her mom and brother were all for it, just to capture these gorgeous sunrise moments of their family to celebrate their mom’s 50th birthday. (Also, I am a total sucker for sunrises – the light is just *chef’s kiss*)

On the way to the shoot, the wind was absolutely howling in Gordon’s Bay, and I was so worried that we would need to reschedule the shoot(as it had been already), but once we went around the corner for Koggelbay, the wind was a distant memory!

Biance came prepared with a whole picnic basket, complete with champagne and all, and you know me by now – that bottle had to be popped! After a quick run in the early morning waves, Biance, Byron and Brenda were wide awake (ok, maybe Byron not completely 😉 ), and while Brenda confessed she was a bit nervous about being in front of the camera, by the end of the session she mentioned that she actually enjoyed it all.

I truly enjoyed capturing these moments for this beautiful family, surrounded by nature and long stretches of sand. As always, a big thank you to RMSCaptured for going along on my early morning adventures.

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