Shooting a gorgeous couple in a lavender field? Yes, please! But when the shoot is for two kind people who are head over heels for each other and tying the knot in just over a month, it just makes it so much better.

Darren & Rushka first met at church, which has played such a large role in their blooming relationship over the past 8 years. Starting out as friends, they built a strong foundation of respect and trust, which funny enough helped them realize that their feelings were more than just friends, when Rushka trusted Darren to catch her when she had to jump down a table. Rushka mustered up the courage to confess her feelings, and they simply haven’t looked back since!

As they navigated through many games of scrabble and battleship, and life’s ups and downs, their love for each other continued to grow and deepen, until the day where Darren went down on one knee in front of Boulders beach and asked Rushka to make him the happiest man alive. Of course, she said yes and so their wedding planning started.

While planning the shoot, we ended up deciding on Cannettevallei Lavender far, just outside of Stellenbosch, and while the weather was not what we hoped for, they were absolute troopers in braving the cold wind to take these photos! We are so excited to be capturing the start of their next chapter in December and cannot wait to share more of their love story.

Second Shooter: RMSCaptured

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