I often get asked what my favorite part of a wedding is, and while there is definitely an answer to that, if anyone had to ask me what my favorite part of the wedding process is, it would without a doubt be the Connection Session! Having this session not only helps you to relax in front of the camera, but it’s usually also a fantastic opportunity for the bride and groom to be to focus on just the two of them amidst the chaos of the wedding planning.

And for Kirsten and Gerard, this was no exception! We met up a few days before their wedding, at Gordon’s Bay beach. It was a rare occasion where the wind was merely a breeze, with barely a soul in sight. We spent the hour laughing and talking about how they met, and ended the session in the tree where Gerard had proposed to Kirsten! I’m so excited to share their wedding photos with you, come back next week to see more of this beautiful couple!

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