I’m so excited to be sharing these photos with you guys! What was supposed to be a normal couple shoot for the gorgeous Nicole and Matthew, turned into something completely unexpected…

Nicole & I had planned a shoot together for a couple of weeks, and decided to do it at the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens where I had never shot before but I heard there was a waterfall – bonus! But the day before the shoot was scheduled, Matthew messaged us to say that he would like to propose and while I was already excited for this shoot, I was now ecstatic. We soon discussed the sign for him, and the plan was set in motion. Looking back now, I’m almost glad he told us only 24 hours in advance as I definitely had trouble falling asleep that night, knowing what was about to unfold the next day!

Getting to the location early, we soon found that it was a short but nice walk to the waterfall, and the shoot began like any other. Also, these gardens are absolutely magnificent, and well worth the drive to Betty’s Bay. As the shoot progressed, we could pick up that Matthew was starting to get more and more nervous, so we soon headed to the spot that we had scoped before the time and gave him the sign. Nicole definitely did not expect to find Matthew on one knee when she turned around, but the joy that came over her at that moment was indescribable. Naturally, she said yes to marrying the love of her life!

Soon they were off to celebrate with their loved ones, but not before they popped a bottle of celebratory champagne on the way back! We wish them nothing but love and happiness as they start planning their start of forever.

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