Having beautiful family photos done on a regular basis can be such a treasure, especially as your children grow and change throughout the years! But planning the photoshoot can sometimes seem quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing a location! Let’s face it, in Cape Town we have an abundance of landscapes and venues to choose from, and this may make the choice overwhelming.

Whenever I have a client looking for a location, my primary goal is to guide you to a venue that feels authentic to your family’s personality, and will be suitable to what it is you are wanting to do with the photos. At Parvenu Photography, our aim is to capture authentic emotion, and a location often has a strong influence over this! 

The first question I would usually ask is what your family does on a typical weekend. Are you usually up before dawn to climb the nearest mountain? Let’s head to the nearest nature reserve! Will you be finding yourself rather at the beach, covered in sand and jumping through the waves? Beaches are always great locations for photos. Or does a typical weekend usually mean having slow mornings, just enjoying quality time together over slow breakfasts and extended pajama time? Have a pajama party and let me capture you snuggling and just loving on each other! 

The next important aspect to consider when choosing your location, is what you intend to do with your photo. If you are planning to have them printed and put them on the wall (always a good idea in my opinion!) it’s also good to take into consideration what your color scheme is so that the photos will compliment your decor. 

If you’re planning on having a family shoot with young children, best would be to choose a location that is closer to home, to ensure that the little ones can stick to as much of their routine as possible. Especially if they are in the toddler stage, their moods can be unpredictable, and being close to home will also have them more comfortable as they are in familiar surroundings – don’t discredit your local park as a photo location! With play parks at hand, it will be a great outing as well. This is also when home sessions may be a suitable location, as toddlers will be in their element, and you will be within reach of anything that they may need during the session.

If your children are slightly older, and enjoy road trips, a location a bit further away may be better suited to your family – with a great opportunity for a day trip! 

Remember when choosing a location, it should be a place where you and your family can be yourselves in a comfortable manner! Whether you choose Parvenu Photography to capture your family or any other talented photographer, having a location in mind will help make the planning of your family photo shoot more enjoyable. 

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