Hooray! You’ve narrowed down your choices of wedding photographers – now the fun begins! When you have a list of potential wedding photographers, it is recommended to have a (virtual) interview session, where besides just getting to know the photographer and seeing if you are comfortable around them (this is not an aspect to be diminished – your photographer will usually spend the majority of your wedding day with you, so it is recommended to be able to get along with them!) but to also find out if they are the right fit for your special day. While there are many questions that you can potentially ask, these are some of the more frequently asked ones, and that will cover all your bases:

  • What is your Primary Style?

Usually, you would have already had a look at their portfolio and/or recent coverage that they’ve done, but it’s still an important question to ask. The way a photographer describes their work should fit with the style that you see for your wedding day.

  • How long have you been shooting Weddings?

As you want to have your special day captured in the best possible way, experience in wedding photography is something that a potential candidate should have. Besides being equipped to handle different lighting scenarios, having experience in weddings means that they are flexible to adapt to any situation or unforeseen circumstance. Having someone with experience will definitely be a relief on your wedding day. 

Another question to ask here is if the candidate has been a second photographer or a main photographer. While second shooting provides you great shooting opportunities, being a main photographer does provide more experience in all other aspects, such as customer experience, soft skills etc. 

  • How does payment work?

Photographers have different payment plans and/or methods. While the majority of photographers do require a deposit and/or booking fee, the amounts and remaining amount payment can vary wildly, so be sure to ask so that you know you can comfortably afford them. 

  • What equipment do you use? Do you have back up equipment?

While technology has improved dramatically over the past years, you should still ensure that the equipment used by the candidate has the capacity to capture a full day that consists of many different lighting conditions. 

Back up equipment is also essential, as anything can happen on your wedding day, and while a camera can be repaired, there’s no do-over for all those special moments.

  • What happens if you fall ill?

In the unlikely event that a photographer falls ill on your chosen date, a plan should be included in their contract. Whether it is that a refund will be provided, or whether the photographer needs to look for a replacement, needs to be clear to you.

  • Do your packages include a second shooter?

From personal experience, there was a time when I would shoot weddings alone, and while it is doable – especially for smaller weddings – there are just some moments that will be missed. If the package you are looking at includes a second shooter, great! If not, try to find out what the cost would be to add one on.

Some photographers may also bring an assistant. While a second shooter will be capturing the day, an assistant will be there to assist the photographer in any way that they may require. Think fluffing of the dress, time keeping, changing lenses etc.

  • How many images will I receive?

Again, this is a metric that tends to differ from photographer to photographer, so best to ask this question to avoid being under (or over-)whelmed when you receive your photos. At Parvenu Photography, we usually guarantee at least 600 images, but more may be given depending on the event. 

  • Will my images be edited or color corrected?

Many photographers do perform color correction on their images, to ensure all skin tones etc look the same. However, editing would consist of skin touch ups, removing objects etc. Depending on what you are looking for in your images, check with your wedding photographer what level of editing or color correction they perform.

  • If the event lasts longer than scheduled, what will happen?

In general, a package will have a set amount of hours. What is important to clarify though, is the candidate’s approach in this matter. Communication on your wedding day is vital, and your wedding photographer should be able to advise you what additional costs may be incurred.

  • What will the Photographer(s) wear on the day?

This may seem like something minor and unimportant, but considering how many months, if not years, you’ve spent planning the wedding of your dreams, your photographer will want to make sure they fit into the image you have for your wedding day. 

  • How long after the event will the images and/or any products be ready?

While every bride and groom usually cannot wait to receive their photos, there’s also usually alot of hours of editing with a detailed eye involved to make sure your photos look amazing. Depending on the photographers schedule, this can vary in time, so ask up front so that you are prepared. 

If there are any products included at the package you are looking at, find out when you would be receiving those as well, and what the process would be. 

  • What COVID-19 policy do you have in place?

With COVID-19 still around and the unpredictability of this pandemic, it is good to know what your photographer will be able to do should your event not be able to continue on its scheduled date, and if there’s any potential costs that may be incurred. 

And that’s the end of 12 questions to ask your Wedding Photographer! I hope these questions have equipped and will help you in finding your perfect photographer match! Enjoy the wedding planning.x

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