“When I first saw you, my eyes said: ‘You are my light.’. When I first found you, my soul said: ‘You are my soul.’. – Rumi

Wesley & Roxane tied the knot at the end of October at what turned out to be the most gorgeous day. Roxane prepared herself at the Wedgeview Guest House, together with her maid of honor, while Wesley got ready at his family home in Somerset West. They shared their vows and spent the day with their nearest and dearest at the sublime Bontevlei venue, where the large oak trees provided beautiful shade for their outdoor ceremony next to the lake.

Having seen the couple start dating 10 years ago, it is so heartwarming for me to see how intimate they still are – Wesley always knows just how to make Roxane smile, and when Roxane looks at Wesley, the depth of affection with which she gazes at him is truly inspiring.

The party continued at the venue, where the guests and the bride and groom spent the evening either on the dancefloor, or outside on the deck chatting away. The decor, done so beautifully by Wesley’s mom, transformed the hall into a secret garden, overflowing with fresh flowers. Fresh quality coffee was readily available, courtesy of Awe Brew Coffee Bar.

A big thank you to RMSCaptured for assisting on this splendid day.

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