I am so excited to share this gallery of this adorable couple with you! I first heard of Anthea – literally – on a radio station, where she did an interview on body positivity. From the first moment, I completely loved her vibe and energy so when I let her know that, it turned out that she remembered me from high school(such a fail from my part!). So when Anthea asked if I would capture their wedding, the obvious answer was Yes!

Anthea and Curt are truly a couple that gets pulled to each other like magnets no matter where they are – it’s complete chemistry! This could very well be why the two of them cannot agree on who made the first move when they first met on the weekend away in Betty’s Bay when it is probably likely that they both just felt the stars align at that moment. 😉

Together, Anthea and Curt are such a relaxed couple with a love of life and adventure, and we spent their Connection Session filled with laughs and kisses, as we explored Vergelegen Wine Estate together. With all the curveballs that this year has thrown us all, it is heartwarming to see that love truly does conquer all and I cannot wait to capture their special day next month!

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