Guys, what a year this has been so far! I’m pretty sure none of us saw any of this coming. And while this year has been filled with alot of sadness and loss, for me personally, it has been a reminder of what is truly important in our lives, and to cherish our families and loved ones as much as we can. So to celebrate family relationships, I ran a competition a while ago to give away 3 family shoots, and the Erasmus family was one of the lucky winners!

I have known the Taryn and Warren for quite a number of years as Taryn and I were colleagues before, but I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting little Miss Emily! We met up at the (as always) gorgeous Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West, where we managed to capture some beautiful family portraits. I loved so much about this shoot – the amazing and beautiful family dynamics, the outfits that they had co-ordinated, the location, I could go on! But I loved how Taryn’s mom came along as well for the morning, adding a third generation to the shoot which just makes it extra special.


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