Guys, this post is so overdue! Tanya & Johan did their connection session with me at the end of January, and have since then tied the knot! (Blog post to follow I promise) They are such a fun, loving and unique couple, and I loved how they showed up the same way they would at any day – and that to me is such a testament of how honest, raw and perfect their relationship is. From day one they just knew, this is it. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Afterwards, Tanya told me it was so nice to do the session, because it gave them a chance to focus on the two of them, and just have fun amidst all the wedding planning and inside I was thinking “YES! This is what the connection session is all about!”. It reminded me why I love doing what I do, and that is to capture the love and connection between people – and in this unnerving time we are going through, it has just emphasized how important those connections and relationships are.

A big thank you – as always – to Rucien from RMSCaptured for assisting me with the shoot.


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