Whenever I think back to this day, I can’t help but get this melting feeling in my heart – this day was overflowing with all the good emotions, and so many personal details that just showed how much thought and care went into the wedding planning.

With Ruth’s family and friends coming to South Africa all the way from Holland, the morning was spent just being in each other’s presence as Ruth prepared her “I Do’s”. The couple got married at the beautiful McPherson’s Wedding & Function Venue on a beautiful – yet very windy – day in October. During the ceremony, it was clear to see how these two couldn’t wait to be married, and how much passion, love and respect they have for each other.

While the guests were entertaining themselves with games at the venue, we quickly sneaked off to take a few photos at the beach, which was where we discovered how windy and cold it actually was! But the cold and wind was soon forgotten during the reception, where everyone was just having a great time celebrating this special occasion. What came as a surprise, was that both Ruth’s parents and Tim’s mom had prepared something special – for Ruth’s dad, it was reading a bedtime story. Ruth’s mom had written a fairy tale about Ruth’s life, and Tim’s mom had prepared a photo presentation about Tim’s life.

The party ended off as a fantastic party, where everyone ended up on the dance floor, showing off all the moves.

A big thank you to Rucien from RMSCaptured for being a phenomenal second shooter.


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