As my best friend, I guess one of the requirements is to play model for me from time to time – and this is exactly what Rucien did for me one sunny afternoon at the start of the year, when Battery Park still had this goooorgeous graffiti wall. Seeing it every day from our office window, I knew I wanted to shoot it so badly, and I am forever endebited to Rucien for allowing me to capture him.

Looking at these images now (which were taken in January!), so much has happened since then. For me, it was the start of my busiest year yet, new gear and many challenges along the way. Rucien actually started his own photography business shortly after this – you can view his work here. We now regularly assist each other with shoots, as well as weddings – so you will probably see his face appear more often!

Friends, what was the highlight of your 2019?


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