Recently, Ilaria contacted me as it was high time to capture her beautiful family! Ilaria and I worked together for a number of years, and while I had captured her and Giulia a few years ago, this was the first time that her husband Brandon also joined in on the fun!

We met up at Table View Beach, so we could get the iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop. And even though it was overcast and quite windy, no cold could be felt as soon they were running, walking, jumping and showing the love by all cuddling together. This family just has so much love for each other – I can’t fake these kind of emotions, friends! – but this shoot will be in my memory for years to come. Family photos are so important, they are just one way of preserving a phase of one’s life, and something to look back on and treasure not just the images, but also the memory of the shoot that accompanies them.

Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-3Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-4Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-5Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-7Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-8Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-9Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-10Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-11Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-12Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-13Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-14Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-15Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-16Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-17Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-18Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-20Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-21Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-22Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-23Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-24Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-33Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-1Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-6Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-19Brandon, Ilaria & Giulia_Web-2

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