What a great session! We went to Nasese Park, Suva, Fiji, where everyone was enjoying the cooling breeze on a Saturday afternoon. Baby Erika was in love with the camera, even though we had to wake her up from her nap to capture these special moments. Anisley & Damian are such amazing parents and the love for their daughter and each other shows transparently in everything they do.

Damian, Anisley & Erika-5Damian, Anisley & Erika-12Damian, Anisley & Erika-16Damian, Anisley & Erika-24Damian, Anisley & Erika-30Damian, Anisley & Erika-33Damian, Anisley & Erika-35Damian, Anisley & Erika-41Damian, Anisley & Erika-42Damian, Anisley & Erika-46Damian, Anisley & Erika-52Damian, Anisley & Erika-65Damian, Anisley & Erika-70Damian, Anisley & Erika-74Damian, Anisley & Erika-95Damian, Anisley & Erika-102Damian, Anisley & Erika-107Damian, Anisley & Erika-110Damian, Anisley & Erika-112Damian, Anisley & Erika-116Damian, Anisley & Erika-121

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