I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with baby Mokoena’s parents wandering about Camps Bay, where they told me how excited they are for her arrival! They have so much love for their little princess already.

Baby Mokoena-1Baby Mokoena-8Baby Mokoena-9Baby Mokoena-11Baby Mokoena-15Baby Mokoena-19Baby Mokoena-20Baby Mokoena-21Baby Mokoena-25Baby Mokoena-34Baby Mokoena-40Baby Mokoena-42Baby Mokoena-43Baby Mokoena-50Baby Mokoena-53Baby Mokoena-57Baby Mokoena-61Baby Mokoena-63Baby Mokoena-75Baby Mokoena-79Baby Mokoena-81Baby Mokoena-84Baby Mokoena-89Baby Mokoena-92Baby Mokoena-94Baby Mokoena-98Baby Mokoena-102Baby Mokoena-107Baby Mokoena-108Baby Mokoena-113Baby Mokoena-115Baby Mokoena-117Baby Mokoena-122Baby Mokoena-123

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