Waking up to a beautiful warm day after the cold we have been having, just made my heart smile as today I knew we would be doing the pre-wedding shoot of 2 of the sweetest people, Carlo & Kay-Lee.

These two warm-hearted people met when they were 15, and have been dating ever since! They tied the know in November 2018 – look out for my next posts as this will be covered too!kay-lee&carlo_lowres-6kay-lee&carlo_lowres-9kay-lee&carlo_lowres-15kay-lee&carlo_lowres-19kay-lee&carlo_lowres-22kay-lee&carlo_lowres-25kay-lee&carlo_lowres-29kay-lee&carlo_lowres-33kay-lee&carlo_lowres-38kay-lee&carlo_lowres-39kay-lee&carlo_lowres-42kay-lee&carlo_lowres-43kay-lee&carlo_lowres-45kay-lee&carlo_lowres-53kay-lee&carlo_lowres-65kay-lee&carlo_lowres-67kay-lee&carlo_lowres-68kay-lee&carlo_lowres-73kay-lee&carlo_lowres-80kay-lee&carlo_lowres-83kay-lee&carlo_lowres-88kay-lee&carlo_lowres-94kay-lee&carlo_lowres-96kay-lee&carlo_lowres-100kay-lee&carlo_lowres-101kay-lee&carlo_lowres-108kay-lee&carlo_lowres-120kay-lee&carlo_lowres-126kay-lee&carlo_lowres-129kay-lee&carlo_lowres-135

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