I had the pleasure of meeting Massiel and Harry during a recent trip to Suva, Fiji, and after witnessing the love that they have for each other and for those around them, I knew I had to get them in front of my lens!

We met up in Thurston Gardens, Suva, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, after which we ended up walking towards the city centre.

Massiel & Harry-LowRes-2Massiel & Harry-LowRes-3Massiel & Harry-LowRes-9Massiel & Harry-LowRes-10Massiel & Harry-LowRes-13Massiel & Harry-LowRes-17Massiel & Harry-LowRes-20Massiel & Harry-LowRes-23Massiel & Harry-LowRes-25Massiel & Harry-LowRes-30Massiel & Harry-LowRes-32Massiel & Harry-LowRes-38Massiel & Harry-LowRes-41Massiel & Harry-LowRes-44Massiel & Harry-LowRes-47Massiel & Harry-LowRes-53Massiel & Harry-LowRes-56Massiel & Harry-LowRes-60Massiel & Harry-LowRes-71Massiel & Harry-LowRes-76Massiel & Harry-LowRes-77Massiel & Harry-LowRes-85

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