Spending time with these 2 gorgeous ladies (and handsome lad!) is always a treat! With the beautiful Savanna quickly growing up, Shameen really wanted to capture these fleeting moments with a Mommy-and-Me (with a cameo appearance of Tyler naturally) shoot.

Even though the beach was pretty packed at 8:30 am, and Savanna being more interested in the taste of sand, we still managed to capture these pretty portraits of the ladies in white.Sham&Savanna-1Sham&Savanna-2Sham&Savanna-3Sham&Savanna-4Sham&Savanna-5Sham&Savanna-6Sham&Savanna-7Sham&Savanna-8Sham&Savanna-9Sham&Savanna-10Sham&Savanna-11Sham&Savanna-12Sham&Savanna-13Sham&Savanna-14Sham&Savanna-15Sham&Savanna-16Sham&Savanna-17Sham&Savanna-18Sham&Savanna-19Sham&Savanna-20Sham&Savanna-21

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